Louisville Basketball Player Goes Rick Barry Style At The Free Throw Line

I never understood why players who can’t shoot free throws to save their lives never try this. Shaq, Dwight Howard, Ben Wallace, DeAndre Jordan — they all should’ve done this. Or least be like Tristan Thompson and just completely switch your shooting hand.  It’s like they think it’s emasculating or something to shoot free throws underhand. You know what’s emasculating? Not being able to make a shot 15 feet away from the basket with nobody guarding you, even after you practice for a billion hours.

So, finally we have someone who’s made the switch to the old school Hoosiers/Rick Barry free throws. His name is Chinanu Onuaku, an upcoming sophomore at Louisville who is playing on the U19 USA team.

I respect the hell out of this guy. He doesn’t care what he looks like shooting free throws, all he cares about is if they go in. You shoot horrible from the line freshman year, you switch it up and go granny the next year.Take notes, Dwight and DeAndre.