Bob Costas Was Weirdly Mean To Pedro Strop Last Night

Pedro Strop entered yesterday’s Cubs-Cardinals game with a 2-1 lead and as a set up guy, you’re supposed to go in and get the job done so your closer can come in and slam┬áthe door.

Well, that doesn’t always happen. Strop came in and promptly gave up a home run, and Joe Maddon immediately took him out and while walking to the dugout, he pointed to the sky.

Bob Costas didn’t like that.


Tell us how you really feel, Bob! Jesus Christ, all the guy did was point to the sky and all of sudden you’re bringing up dead relatives. What did Pedro ever do to you? Did he make fun of your pink eye?

And you call that an atrocious performance? Sure, he gave up a home run, but I wouldn’t exactly call that “atrocious”. An atrocious performance is like giving up 10 runs in a inning. I really need to know why Bob has this secret grudge.