ESPN Anchor Prim Siripipat Can Fit Inside Her Luggage

With Wimbledon getting ready to rev up competition next Monday, ESPN anchor and former Duke tennis star, Prim Siripipat, is doing some last minute luggage shopping.
Now, it’s a two-week competition so Prim should probably go large, right? As you can see below, she indeed went large — large enough to actually pack herself inside:

According to Prim, it’s the perfect size when you can fit yourself — or a dead body — inside:

Ready for #Wimbledon! You know your luggage is just the right size when you and/or a dead body can fit in it. 😁#TravelHabitsOfAWoman#IHaveALotOfStuff #WorkTrip #ESPN#Tennis

Absolutely loving the dead body quip, hopefully the Mothership doesn’t get pissed if they see it.
[Prim Siripipat- IG]

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