Daniel Tosh Came Out On Stage Wearing An Aaron Hernandez Jersey In Boston

Daniel Tosh is known for pushing buttons and also a known hater of the New England Patriots. He basically put the Pats in a grave in this rant before the Super Bowl.

Some of those points are valid, some come off as an irrational hater. But anyways, last night he had a show in Boston and decided he would wear an Aaron Hernandez jersey on stage.

Daniel Tosh walks on stage tonight with an Aaron Hernandez jersey. pic.twitter.com/l15VmiBqDr

— Toucher and Rich (@Toucherandrich) June 19, 2015

We all know Aaron Hernandez murdered someone, and he probably murdered those other people that he’s going on trial for. He’s a scumbag. So people are probably going to freak out about this, but that’s just how Tosh is and I don’t mind it. He’s always going for shock value. A lot people take stuff like this way too serious, though and he’ll still probably get killed for it.