Buy This Houston Texans Tailgate RV (W/ Creepy Dummy) — $7,000

We’re fast approaching football season, which means now is the time to pounce on a tailgater if you want one for a decent price. The market has dried up a bit lately, but if you’re a Texans fan, you won’t find a better option than the 1978 GMC Vandura above.
$7,000 and you are good to go: creepy voodoo dummy, Texans décor, flatscreen TV, microwave, etc., etc.
Information from the seller:

We have decided to sell our beloved Texans RV. Our oldest daughter is attending college in the fall and we all know how expensive that can be! We have used this for tailgating the past 5 years. It has a 5 foot extention on the back with pull out stairs to sit on, use for storage, etc.
The creepy Texans guy on the back is yours if you want it! He was a great conversation piece!
As you can see, we were in the process of renovating it. The roof has recently been re-sealed to prevent leaks. This is a great start for someone who wants to customize it they way they want!
The vehicle itself is a 78 GMC Vandura. It is a dually with the double tires on the back end and has a 400-V8 motor. Mileage is currently at 85,327.
We will also include the various Texans decor inside like the blankets, posters, signs, flags, etc. In addition, any tailgating supplies we have in the RV like utensils, plates, tablecloths, drink pitchers, serving platters, etc will be included.

Obviously we’re all about haggling here on BC, but considering the overall package you’re getting, $7000 isn’t a bad deal. Also, these are parents trying to send their kid to college so don’t be an asshole.


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