Teya K. Celebrates Golden State’s NBA Title With Another Photo


I said screw it last night during Game 6 when I sent out a tweet about Teya Kyriacethys being a big Golden State fan. She’ll now be known as Teya K. You don’t spell out Coach K’s name for a reason, just like Teya’s last name. Screw it. No more last name.

Anyway, Teya K. must’ve heard that we were big fans of her NBA Finals work so she was nice enough to release the above photo from her recent Golden State shoot. Something for the boys to enjoy before the game. Something to help celebrate the title.

I have no idea where Teya K. goes from here with her career, but she did the right thing this month by wearing the NBA Champion team’s gear because eventually message boards will hear about her and she’ll start becoming famous in San Francisco/Oakland. This is how dreams come true in the NBA playoffs.

[Teya K. — IG]