Buy This Creeper Minnesota Vikings Tailgate Van — $475


It seems like a red flag to be able to purchase a tailgate vehicle with a small chunk of my paycheck, yet here we are. Someone on Craigslist is trying to unload the Minnesota Vikings van above for just $475 (or best offer) and I’m trying to figure out what the hell is wrong with it. Most people try to stiff you with their trash, but this dude here is willing go even lower to get the “Vikinator II” off his hands.

Information from the seller:

It is time to sell the Vikinator II (Yes, we had another one before this one!)
We’ve had lots of fun tailgating before the Vikings games with this van but gave up our season tickets this year.
1993 Ford Aerostar Van, 180,000 miles, good tires, needs new brakes.
$475 or best offer.

Welp, if you’re looking for a bargain for the Year of Teddy Bridgewater, this is the way to go. Even after getting new brakes your expenses will sit below $1,000. Just blue light the hell out of it during your inspection.