Blackhawks Chick Rips Her Shirt Off During Stanley Cup Celebration

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This is exactly why I was rooting for the Blackhawks to win the Stanley Cup…because Chicago fans would turn in a stellar celebration. This was sent to BC early this morning with the following message:

Hey Joe, figured you’d like this. Thought I’d email bc it’s not “tweetable” content. Friend of mine was in Chicago last night and captured this big breasted babe celebrating the Blackhawks victory. Unfortunately the fun police came and took her away.  Enjoy.

I’ve been saying it for years. These chicks with implants can’t help but rip off their shirts and show off the cups. They love the attention that they never got when they were rocking As.
Good for the Blackhawks, flasher chick and the city of Chicago. This worked out exactly as I thought it would.
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