San Francisco TV Reporter Talking Serious Shit About Cavs Fans

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Well, well, well…if it isn’t San Francisco TV reporter Will Tran talking shit about Cleveland and Cavs fans on TV like we wouldn’t notice this extreme case of shit-talking because people in Ohio don’t have the Internet.
Will fuckin’ Tran just rolls into The Land and wants to start talking shit about how Cavs fans are disrespectful and tried to ruin his reports by stuffing one Warriors fan in his own jersey and flipping off a camera.
It’s like Will fuckin’ Tran has never stepped foot in Cleveland before. Are you kidding me with this report? You’re really going to get mad about a fan flipping off the camera? You’re lucky he didn’t take a leak on the camera. You’re lucky he didn’t pour a beer on your head.

“These guys, it’s almost like someone who doesn’t have a girlfriend, and now all of a sudden he has a girlfriend and starts talking smack. Like, really? The last five years you’ve been at home alone.”

Smug asshole.


The middle finger that Will’s all mad about:

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Will’s also mad about this:

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