Did A Cavs Fan Curse Cleveland After Game 3?

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— Zach Freshwater (@ZachFreshwater) June 10, 2015

Listen closely to what the Cavs fan off camera says. “We win Thursday, it’s over!” Actually, that would be Game 4 and the series would then go back to Golden State. I get what Cavs fan is saying. He’s saying you go up 3-1, the odds say you’re going to win the NBA title.

The problem here is obvious. This is Cleveland. The locals don’t call it the Factory of Sadness for no reason. We’re talking 50+ years of sucking balls when it comes to winning titles. Sooooo many things can go wrong here. Pump the brakes, Cleveland. Let’s not start making title proclamations just yet.

That said, there’s really good news.  

In NBA Finals history, Game 3 winner of series tied 1-1 has won the series 84% of the time. BPI projects Cavaliers as 56% likely to win.

— ESPN Stats & Info (@ESPNStatsInfo) June 10, 2015

Keep in mind that no team in NBA history has come back from a 3-1 deficit to win the NBA title. 

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