Delly Mania, Britt McHenry’s New Car & Brett Favre On The Beach


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Delly Mania

How is it possible for a guy who scored 9 points in Game 2 against the Warriors to have delis changing their signs and adding his name to their billboards? Grit, determination, scrap, heart. It also helps that Delly is a dorky white guy. There’s no better way into a Cleveland fan’s heart than being a white guy the locals can relate to. They already have the best player in the world so you have to play on a whole other spectrum. You have to be the underdog with a cool nickname to create a viral madness in a city like Cleveland. Delly has that city by the balls right now.

Moving to Vegas?

Someone is trying to rent out this mansion in Henderson for a cool $18,000 a month. Add in the security deposit and the first month’s rent would beĀ $37,500.

Numbers fromĀ @SportsTaxMan:

Shot Clock Cut for Men in College Basketball from 35 seconds to 30 seconds.

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