UC-Davis Jell-o Wrestling, Caitlyn Loses 'Handicap' & T.O. Selling House

The Stanley Cup Finals get started tonight in Tampa. Or you can watch Game 3 of the softball world series. Can the B1G beat the SEC with rings on the line? You also get day baseball between the Yankees and Mariners on MLB. That should make for relaxing bar drinking after work. Or you can catch more of the college golf national championship. It’s going to be a decent day for sports.
Charlotte McKinney playing w/a torch in bike chop shop
Caitlyn will lose Bruce’s ‘handicap’ at country club
Jell-o wrestling at UC-Davis!
T.O. is selling his pad — just $2.349 million
LeBron is hooking up Spelling Bee champ Gokul
Mugshot: Bro popped for DUI on Zamboni
And….more Christie Brinkley!
Meet Emily from the U. of Tennessee

MLB Defensive Play of the Day

Sandwich of the Day

Christie Brinkley Is Still Hot, RG3 Baby Plans & Boone Pickens Stadium Cake
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