Buy This Custom Philadelphia Eagles Tailgate Bus — $1,750 (OBO)

I gotta say, it looks like Eagles fans selling tailgate buses are really shortchanging themselves with pricing. Obviously this is good news if you’re a buyer, as for the very low of price of $1,750 (or best offer!) you can land a custom, black Eagles bus. Trust me, Ohio State fans would kill for Walmart-esque pricing; they usually have to shell out close to $10,000.
Information from the seller:

1994 Custom black eagles bus. $1750.00 or best offer. Looks and runs great! Outdoor speakers, hitch with grill rack, custom cabinets, shelves, tinted window, etc. Drive this right to the parking lot. Go birds! Come take a look.

Everything looks great, though you may want to go with a more gender neutral sign than this:

Oh, and if you’re interested in an all-white version Eagles tailgate, this baby is also available:

[Craigslist- Eagles Bus]

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