Redskins Creeper Tailgate Van For Sale — $750

This week is apparently bargain week in the tailgate market.
On the heels of discovering a $700 Bengals RV, we’ve found another sub-$1000 option for any Redskins fans looking to buy. However, we must warn you that the van gives off some major “Law & Order: SVU” vibes. Luckily you and your party will have tons of money to refurbish it! (Or not, if the creeper, rustic vibe is your thing.)
Deets from the seller:

Redskins fans!:
We are putting our Redskins tailgating van up for sale. We’ve used this to tailgate for the past three years. It is in need of a new fuel line to run. We are selling it as-is. You will be required to tow it from where it sits! Van is a 1986 Dodge with under 90k miles. It is not currently tagged.
Van has:
– hitch for towing
– seats 11
– decked out in your favorite burgundy and gold
I am asking for $750 (it may be worth that in scrap alone) or best offer.

Ah, now the price makes sense. A new fuel line plus towing? That sound you hear is the demo of Redskins fans who hate extra work jumping ship.
But in reality, fuel lines really don’t cost that much — plus, it sounds like the seller is willing to sell for even less. It’s still a pretty good deal at the end of the day, and if you’re buying with a group of a friends, the split costs of everything shouldn’t be that bad. You will be glad you went through all the hassle when you see your buds downing beer out of a mannequin bong.
[Craigslist- Redskins Creeper Van]

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