TV Reporter Asks Indy 500 Fan If She’s Drunk…Yes She Is


I’ll admit I wasn’t familiar with RTV-6, the ABC affiliate in Indianapolis, before you guys started sending wild fan interview videos from the Indy 500. RTV is officially on my Indy 500 radar from now on. You’re telling me there’s a TV station out there who’ll ask people if they’re drunk? I’m in. You’re telling me there’s a station out there who’ll interview some toothless dude wearing a pot leaf hat and waiting to get into the 500?

How does a station like this even exist in the world we live in where some suit gets pissed when you ask people if they’re drunk?

Then they send some reporter named @JuliePursley6 into the Snake Pit to talk EDM with the youth of this nation. Brilliant local television. This is exactly how you get the Internet’s attention. 

I said it on Monday — I don’t know what the Indy 500 did differently this year, but something felt different with the whole scene. It was better than the past years when things felt stagnant. Maybe it was the EDM. Maybe it was the weather. Dare I say that things are coming together again for the Indy 500?

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.@ZachPillsbury We not only found the couch from yesterday in turn three. We also found carpet!! @glenbojo4 @rtv6

— Julie Pursley (@JuliePursley6) May 25, 2015