Pats Fans Hold A "Free Brady" Protest Outside Of Gillette Stadium

In a country where there have been thousands of protests involving real social issues over the last year, we have here a protest about a quarterback’s balls.
Now if my quarterback was Tom Brady and he got a suspended for 4 games with a “more probably than not” reasoning, I would be pissed, too. But pissed enough to go stand outside the stadium on Memorial Day weekend holding some signs? Nah, not that pissed. However my QB hasn’t won my team 4 Super Bowls, either.
So here’s some pictures of some Bahstonians wasting away their Sunday protesting a 4 game suspension because balls were probably deflated by some dorito dink.

I can’t believe this is still a story, can’t we all just get over it?
Photo credit: Anne Urban/Fox 25 Boston

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