Britt McHenry Unintentionally Videobombs Dave McMenamin’s Report Hustling For an Interview

We may be in the minority here at BC, but we’re thrilled to see Britt McHenry has rebounded from her major tow company mishap in April. Yes, we can all agree it was terrible, but she served her suspension and is doing her thing again. How? We have no idea. If you scroll through her Instagram comments, you would wonder why she’s even still active on social media with the bevy of people acting like they are God’s squeaky clean angels. From our perspective, it’s amusing to see how many people are acting like the morality police, but to be on the receiving end of that noise constantly must be a pain.

Nonetheless, Britt’s back on the grind for the Cavaliers-Hawks series, literally running for interviews. In fact, if you were watching ESPN’s Dave McMenamin this morning, you might have seen a woman in a yellow dress running — in heels — towards the locker room. That was Britt!

LOL. Always hustle for the interview……. @ashokmoore#therunner

[brittmchenry- IG]