Buy This Iowa Hawkeyes Party Bus — $2,750


Somehow miss out on the many Iowa Hawkeyes tailgate options on Craigslist? Don’t worry, we got you. There’s always a metal box out there with “Iowa” painted on the side, and today is no different.

For $2,750 you and your buds can get drunk in the, “Is This Heaven? No It’s Iowa” tailgate bus. More information from the seller:

Here is a 1978 GMC bus (just coming into its prime) for sale. The exterior has been spruced up a bit to support our HAWKEYES! and the interior compliments an atmosphere that any Hawk fan would be proud to take part of. This motivating machine moves down the highway under the power of a big block V8 366 (gas) with a 4 barrel 650 CFM carb coupled to a manual 5 speed transmission and stops via hydraulic brakes. The interior consists of ALOT of graffiti; complements of my fellow Hawkeyes. The front 2/3 has 4 bar tables with bench seats set up facing each. The back 1/3 is open for coolers/grill/equipment/etc. For your beats, your set up with stereo deck with RCA, USB, and 1/8″ stereo inputs. A 4 channel amplifier pushes signal to a team of speakers throughout the bus; LOUD.

Everything on the bus is in working condition; motor, brakes, parking break, transmission, lights/electronics/gauges, stereo, all heaters, tires have no leaks, windows, doors, etc. This machine does require a moderate amount of attention tho. My pre-trip inspection consists of at least checking all the fluids and usually topping a few off.

As you can see from the pictures, your future party will have some big shoes to fill. I mean, there’s a goddamn shirtless brah in the main image. That’s how you know you are purchasing from a tailgate pro.

Regarding the bus, you can’t be shocked that you need to do some pre-trip inspections — it’s only $2,750 after all. The plus side is everything is in working order, so no additional funds need to go into new parts.

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