Saban Ate Her, Kim DeJesus On A Pole & Marlins Man At Preakness

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Do you get your hands dirty?

I spent all day Saturday digging up shit, planting shit, cutting shit, doing all sorts of shit besides sitting on my ass in front of the TV. At one point I grabbed my phone and saw a Twitter alert about “…. and 3 others are talking about Giancarlo Stanton ‘OMG’ right now” or something like that. It was like 2 EST. I’m starting to lose all faith in humanity and guys who’ll give up a Saturday of doing something productive to tweet about some baseball game in May.

New speed limit in Nevada is…

…80…if the state’s DOT allows the new law which was signed by Governor┬áBrian Sandoval. Using the new speed limit, you can be to the Bunny Ranch from the Las Vegas Strip in 5 hours 45 minutes — or so.

Numbers from :