Buy A Redskins Tailgating Van (with a trailer hitch!) — $750

Nope, that’s not a typo in the title, you read that correctly. You can actually buy this Redskins tailgating van for under $1000. You can get this van for less than it would cost to buy that Big Green Egg Grill you would be bringing to the games.
This is the best deal out there. The fact that you can get a vehicle that actually takes you places for $750 is absurd. But if you’re a Redskins fan you’re getting one that can cram in 11 people, food and beer to take to games — that’s the best deal ever.
From the seller:

Redskins fans!:
We are putting our Redskins tailgating van up for sale. We’ve used this to tailgate for the past three years. It is in need of a new fuel line to run. We are selling it as-is. You will be required to tow it from where it sits! Van is a 1986 Dodge with under 90k miles. It is not currently tagged.
Van has
– hitch for towing
– seats 11
– decked out in your favorite burgundy and gold
I am asking for $750 (it may be worth that in scrap alone) or best offer.

Okay, so it needs a new fuel line to run, but that’ll only set you back about 100 bucks and then you’re golden.
So if you want something that can get you to and from games, with literally no other features other than it’s burgundy and gold and has a logo, this is the van for you.

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