You Have To Feel Sorry For Kendrick Perkins Because His Wife Seems Nuts

  That’s Kendrick Perkins getting a ride home from police this morning. According to a 911 caller, Perk’s wife, Vanity, was giving him the business in a SUV. All this comes the morning after a tough Game 5 for the Cavs where Perk played 1:31 and fired up three misses.  


Look, it’s great that the two of them could just shake this off and have a quick cooling off period before going about their lives. But there’s something up with Vanity. This isn’t her first rodeo with verbal altercations. Let’s go back to 2013 when she went the f–k off on some Asian chick at a nail salon.  



Screen Shot 2015-05-13 at 4.46.08 PM  

Calling a fan at a Cavs game a “heffa”

There were also Twitter battles in Oklahoma City. Just a hunch: Vanity doesn’t take shit off nobody, especially her husband. 

Look, there’s a pattern to a woman you don’t want to cross. Quick fuse, IDGAF attitude and they keep their men in line. It seems like today was one of those days when Vanity told Kendrick to get his ass in line. One thing led to another and she’d had enough of his ass not listening. 

All of you know a wife who seems like a Vanity. You have the buddy who you won’t see for six months and then all of a sudden he gets out of jail (the house he works his ass off to pay the mortgage). You start asking questions and he looks at the ground. 

His wife has him by the balls. No bar nights. No deck drinking with the boys. No college football weekends. Nothing. 

All I know is that I kinda feel sorry for Kendrick. His ass got out of line and he paid the price. 


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