Gilbert Arenas Trolling Dennis Schroder on Instagram


If you follow Gilbert Arenas on Instagram, then you know the former Wizards star has been hardcore trolling this postseason. After going hard at the Raptors, Arenas is keeping at it in Round 2 by setting his sights on Hawks guard Dennis Schroder.

He went after the first obvious target: Schroder’s streak of gold in his hair:

If you’re a fan of Demolition Man, you might enjoy his caption (or just find it childish):

This n**** out there looking like #wesleysnipes in #DemolitionMan

He followed that up with a shot at Schroder’s lips on Mother’s Day:

His caption included the ultimate slight — a reference to Kylie Jenner’s lip challenge:

This that look yo momma give you after #paulPierce hit that game winner and she lost all her bingo money…#Realtalk i swear he doing the #kyliejennerLip challenge HAPPY MOTHERDAY haha

I suppose this is what happens when you make too much money and have nothing else to do.

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