Here’s Mike Trout With the Weather

There isn’t an athlete out there more obsessed with weather than Angels outfielder Mike Trout. Seriously.

In case you weren’t aware of this, Reddit user “RexGrossboy” unveiled his “Mike Trout Wants To Be a Meteorologist” theory in April to the baseball subreddit. His research found that Trout uses the Weather Channel app and frequently interacts with weather-related accounts on Twitter. Of course, fellow Redditors were all about this and conducted research of their own, with one user finding Trout follows over 20 weather handles on Twitter.

There’s even this exchange Trout had with a fan about his weather obsesssion:

@Allentownmike @StormForce_1 @NJWeatherBlogs I mean I like weather lol

— Mike Trout (@MikeTrout) March 5, 2015

In the event we needed more proof that Trout will be taking over for ABC 7’s Dallas Raines in 15 years, he posted a brief weather report ahead of tonight’s Rockies-Angels game on Facebook. He did Orange County residents a solid by including wind details:

Don’t forget to bring a sweater tonight, Angels fans!

[H/T to r/baseball for being at the forefront of “Trout Weather” news]