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It’s going to be 85 degrees today

You know I bitched for months about winter so it’s time to give props to Mother Nature about this 85 degree day she’s about to drop on my ass. Thanks, bae. Think I’ll get out of here early and let James work like a dog for 8 hours. I’ve earned it. We’re also supposed to get an intern or two that will get to work when I want to go play golf. This might end up being a decent summer. I’m due.

Rock in Rio…in Vegas

Aren’t music festivals the greatest? You get to spend $169 to be a mile away from the stage at Rock in Rio this weekend at MGM Grand. The good news for people going: The weather. It’s only going to be 64 today, 77 Saturday and 85 on Sunday. That almost makes me want to spend $169 to see Metallica.

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