Shocker! Cleveland Woman Has No Issue With Cavs Promo Video

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Thank you to Cleveland’s ABC 5 for getting real Clevelander reactions for the Cavs #AllIn video where the Cavs fan throws his girlfriend/wife to the ground because she’s a Bulls fan. There’s nothing better than watching people on the street share an opinion about something like pseudo-violence to get fans pumped up for a worthless playoff series.
Also notice how ABC 5 got a reaction from a black guy, a white guy, a black woman and a white woman. Covered it all for the news director.

Let’s break it down:

• Older black dude knows it was classless, but he doesn’t want to get involved here because there’s always the chance that he’ll get shot by some trigger happy cop.
• White woman can’t see what the problem is.
• White guy can clearly see that it was done in humor. “She’s smiling at the end.”
• Black chick thinks it was rude and thinks the dude could’ve caught her and gently let her down.
Analysis: I’m siding with the black folks on this one. What the hell is wrong with white people in Cleveland? You can’t see the problem people have with throwing around your woman? Thank god we have sensible black people to keep shit real around here. And you guys wonder why NSFW Black Dudes is so respected on the Internet. These people cut through the bullshit. No spin zone.

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