Ambitious eBay User Trying to Sell Deflated Tom Brady Football for $150 (OBO)

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Thanks to Ted Wells’ 243-page report on Deflategate, Patriots haters everywhere are reveling in the fact that they get to constantly burn Tom Brady in May. Adding to their euphoria is a looming suspension for the four-time Super Bowl champion, which is expected to be announced next week according to the NY Daily News.

If you’re a fan of an AFC East team and know this is probably your biggest win of the year, you can head over to eBay right now and pick up a special deflated Tom Brady football to commemorate the moment. It will only set you back $150 (or best offer):

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Personally, I would prefer an official NFL football, but I guess a Tom Brady version is a nice touch.

[eBay- Deflated Tom Brady Football]

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