Angels Announcer Jose Mota Saves Partner From Getting Hit By Foul Ball

I’d imagine that most baseball broadcasters opt to go the gloveless route while calling a game. You know, for professionalism’s sake. But Angels announcer Jose Mota does not adhere to that rule.The former major leaguer showed off his skills Monday night, as a foul ball off the bat of the Mariners’ Mike Zunino headed right for his partner, Amaury Pi-Gonzalez:

Gotta love Jose holding the glove in front of Amaury’s face for emphasis, just to remind him, “I totally saved your ass right now.”

Jose mentioned the catch on Twitter, giving all the credit in the world to his Mizuno:

😨😰they're getting harder catch, old faithful #Mizuno saves my "brick" hands – thx 4 pic @cadencenter @FoxSportsWest

— José Mota (@JoseMota05) May 5, 2015