Yankees Sign ARod’s Replacement…Just Kidding, That Guy Nearly Lost His Arm!


There he is…Romario Dos Santos Alves…the new Yankees third baseman hard at work getting prepared for rookie ball in Tampa with the Yankees doing some curls and just making sure he’s in peak shape for the Steinbrenner family. You do a couple extra sets when your new job is to be ARo’d replacement.

Remember how Kris Bryant was supposed to walk into Chicago and start blasting home runs and likely end up with 50 or 60 this year? He has ZERO through 15 games.

That’s why Dos Santos Alves got himself an extra shipment of horse hormone. Gotta get in shape, bro. Gotta earn that big paycheck.

Here’s the rest of Romario’s story and how he got jacked.

Bodybuilder Romario Dos Santos Alves modeled himself on the Incredible Hulk and risked his life injecting oil into his arms. The 25-year-old turned to a cocktail of oil, painkillers and alcohol to pump up his biceps – with astounding results. Now the former bodyguard terrifies children with his super-sized muscles and is facing a catalogue serious health issues. The married dad-of-one says his experience of using the synthetic filler synthol cost him his sanity and nearly his life and he was even scheduled to have one of his arms amputated.

I like this guy. You put your mind to something and do it big. He could’ve just juiced up a little bit and had big enough arms to get laid. Not Romario, he went so big that his neck has boobs.

[Romario Dos Santos Alves – Facebook]


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