Johnny Manziel and Bae Rocking Mirrored Sunglasses

Folks, look at the smile on Johnny Manziel’s face. That looks like a happy post-rehab man on a mission, as well as a man well aware that his Cleveland Browns didn’t make a reckless draft day trade for Marcus Mariota. If the Browns don’t acquire another mediocre quarterback, Johnny’s 2015 path is set: outperform Josh McCown in camp/preseason, and reignite the Johnny Football glory days.

Hell, even Johnny’s teammates are starting to buy in. Left tackle Joe Thomas stated the following on NFL Network last week (via the Akron Beacon-Journal):

Last year on a Saturday, you might see a picture of him on Instagram floating in a swan drinking champagne,” Thomas told NFL Network on Tuesday. “This year on a Saturday if you came in the building, you’d see him studying his playbook and watching film with his coach. It’s pretty apparent he’s realized how important football is to him, and he’s realized that in the NFL you can’t get away with maybe some of the things that you did in college because it’s a big boys’ game now.”

As for Johnny and Colleen Crowley, what else is there to say, really? First she gets the heartbeat tattoo with Johnny’s signature, now they’re rocking similar mirrored shades from Ray Ban. She’s clearly all-in, and we should be too.

[coll_crowley- IG]