Guy Stuck In Seattle Basketball Hoop…Had A Hammer

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Have a child nearing the drug experimental stage of life? Sit him or her down and play this video. Show him or her what will happen if you get all f’d up and lose control of brain functions. Your ass will end up upside down in a Seattle basketball hoop.
It will take 13+ police and firefighters to rescue your ass from the basketball rim. It will be embarrassing and you’ll go viral.
From KOMO:

The hammer-wielding man somehow climbed up the hoop at Cal Anderson Park in Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood…and became stuck. As nearly a dozen police officers looked on, the man then began thrashing around, at times dangling just by his stuck foot, other times with his head stuck inside the rim, all in an apparent attempt to free his foot.

I know there are some of you who want to continuously bash the police, but who will be there to rescue your ass when you decide to get stuck in a basketball hoop. Thank a first responder today.


John Calipari Is On The Money Team
John Calipari Is On The Money Team
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