Really Cheap People Crowded A Street To Watch The MayPac Fight Through A 3rd Story Window

MayPac was obviously the biggest fight in over a decade. It was boring as shit, but that was expected if you’ve ever watched Floyd fight. Even with that expectation, it didn’t stop it from crossing into the mainstream where people who normally don’t watch boxing ordered the fight.
Now I understand $100 isn’t the cheapest price to pay for a fight. It’s the most expensive pay-per-view ever. But it’s not that expensive, especially at this magnitude. But, I guess for some people $100 is too much, and they would rather stand in the street and watch the fight through someone’s window who actually paid for it.
Rockies Pitcher John Axford live tweeted/instagrammed these people last night in San Diego.

Not only are they too cheap to buy the fight, they complain even more when this random person’s chair gets in the way of their free fight watching.

I find it hard to believe they couldn’t find a few buddies to split the price.

John Calipari Is On The Money Team
John Calipari Is On The Money Team