Support Marcus Mariota in this Titans Tailgate Bus — $700

Are you a Titans fan bouncing off the walls over your new franchise quarterback, Marcus Mariota? If so, there’s no better time to elevate your tailgate game for the new season than right now.
You can actually get a head start by taking the Titans bus pictured above for just $700. More information from the seller:

I have a vintage 1976 Loadstar small passenger bus. Made by International. This was, for a period, used as a Tennessee Department of Corrections transport bus. It still has the original seats. Has had some work done to it for Titans tailgating. It does need work done on brakes to be able to drive it away. It does run but has not been run in a year or so. This could be a great party bus for tailgating! Please call me if you have interest and I will give you the location to where you can see it and climb around in it. I was going to make it a party bus but my wife tells me that I’m too old to party anymore!! six one five five seven four one two two four.

Obviously, with that dirt cheap price tag there’s absolutely no surprise that this baby would need something like new brakes. And a new coat of paint wouldn’t hurt either, unless rust is your thing. Despite this, it’s a crazy good deal considering short buses are usually around the $8,000 range.
As an added bonus, fixing this bus up will make you feel like you’re rebuilding with the Titans.
[Craigslist- Titans Bus]

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