Shirtless Dick Vitale, Charissa Thompson Taped Up & NFL Draft Moments

Laken Tomlinson is too nice to play football for the Lions
Did you hear the guy speak last night around 11 EST? The guy is a giant guard out of Duke who made it to the U.S. from a struggling life in Jamaica. In his interview with ESPN, his reason for going into pre-med was because he wants to become a doctor and go back to help in his native country. I damn near cried. Not kidding. Here’s the bad news for Laken: Detroit fans don’t f-around when it comes to coming down hard on a guy even if he’s the NFL Man of the Year for like 10 straight years. They don’t care. You have your work cut out for you, son. Hang in there.
Don’t listen to the bullshit coming from ESPN and NFL Network, or whatever other station that’s connected to the NFL tells you. Last night was completely boring. It wasn’t a deep draft and it showed. No star power. No real buzz. Did Mariota even speak on ESPN? What about Jameis? After that it was lights out. No action. Meaningless trades (see below). That said, there will probably be a bunch of Hall of Famers come out of this draft. That’s how it works, right?
Numbers fromĀ @SportsTaxMan:

Going back to 2000, the fewest amount of first round trades in the draft was (8) in 2011.

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