Devin Smith’s Mom Couldn’t Care Less About the Browns


Ohio State wide receiver Devin Smith is one of the top wide receivers available at this year’s NFL Draft. Scouting reports have Smith tabbed as a potential late first-round pick, though a second-round selection may be more likely. Either way, it doesn’t sound like a bad deal at all for the Ohio native.

NFL Network’s Melissa Starke caught up with Smith’s mom on the “Gold Carpet” to see how she was fairing on the big day, and to ask one important question: “How would you like to see him end up with the Browns?”:

That epic response should tell you all you need to know about the state of the Browns. I’d imagine most moms would kill to have their kids playing close to home, but not Smith’s mom. She’s aware of the dysfunctional upper management, Johnny Football, text-gate, etc., etc.

[H/T to SBNation]

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