Girlfriends of the NFL Draft 2015: Kate Dalman




Never heard of Stanford offensive tackle Andrus Peat? Then you’ve never heard of his girlfriend Kate Dalman. There’s a very, very good chance you’ll be hearing Peat’s name during the mid-to-late rounds tonight when a team like the Bengals comes along at #21 and needs a 6-7, 313 guy with “tree trunks for thighs,” according to CBS Sports.

Other scouts have destroyed Peat. Some have him as high as No. 9, while another has him falling all the way to 25.

What’s clear is that the guy is heading to the NFL with a 1st round talent girlfriend. One that has littered her IG account with bikini photos. Kate goes to Sonoma State, but hangs around the Stanford football program so meeting Peat wasn’t that difficult.

Here’s where things get really interesting. If that last name sounds familiar, you’re onto something. Kate Dalman’s father is Chris Dalman, Super Bowl champion lineman for the 49ers and a guy who played in 105 NFL games. Chris is the offensive line coach at Stanford. That’s right, Peat was dating the coach’s daughter while he was in school.

Something tells me Ms. Dalman is about to have herself a big night — if ESPN cameras find her.

[Kate Dalman – IG]

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