Buy This Sorta Creepy Notre Dame Tailgate Van — Just $1,800!


Are you a Notre Dame fan feeling good enough about the 2015 season that you’re willing to up your tailgating game? Then stop your search right here, because for the low price of $1,800 you can “Drive Like a Champion” today.

More information from the seller:

Notre Dame van, runs excellent less than 90,000 miles. Was a ambulance converted over. Does have outlets and such for 110vac. These wires and such should be verified due to van has been setting but does run excellent. Tires in good shape, contact me at my contact info for more info. Might consider trade.

For $1,800 you’re not going to find a better deal than this, and honestly, it doesn’t look that bad. Sure the dull paint gives off a bit of a creepy vibe, but that’s mostly negated by the Fighting Irish logos, slogan, and numbers that aren’t even retired. You’ll be happy you made this purchase in October when hated USC comes rolling in.

As an added bonus, there could be some spring use out of this baby with Notre Dame basketball not being so terrible.

[Craigslist- Notre Dame Tailgate Van]

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