Buy This Kansas City Chiefs Tailgate Short Bus — Just $6,000


Are you the Kansas City Chiefs fan responsible for prank calling C-Span? Or maybe just an ordinary Chiefs fan who has an affinity for getting tanked at games? If so, there’s an awesome tailgate bus located just two miles away from Arrowhead Stadium with your name on it.

The best part outside of it’s strategic location, is that it’ll only set you back $6,000 — more information from the seller:

We have a Chiefs Party Bus for sale. It is a 1984 GMC G3500 short bus. It is currently configured to seat 9 people, including driver. It is equipped with a 350 V8 with automatic transmission, power brakes and power steering. The heat works great, but has no AC (Hey, it’s used in football weather). It runs great and starts every time. When we purchased it, we spent about $2,000 having the engine gone through to ensure everything was running properly. It burns no oil and the engine runs very cool, even in Chiefs stop and go traffic.

It is always out of the weather except for game days. We keep it in climate controlled fully enclosed storage about 2 miles from Arrowhead. As you can see by the pictures, it is decked out in the Chief’s colors and has red & black carpet inside with 4 black bus seats plus the driver’s seat. It has a custom built tail gate that not only attracts a lot of attention, but get’s its picture taken quite often. It is built into the frame of the bus and locks into position for moving down the road, then swings out on a ninety-degree pivot and locks into place for cooking.

Obviously, you’d prefer the thing to run on diesel and have a functioning air conditioner, but it’s a seasonal vehicle that will only be used eight (maybe nine) times per season, so you should be able to deal. The custom cooking space on the rear is also a plus.

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