Matt Barnes Not Impressed With J.R. Smith’s Two-Game Suspension

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It didn’t take long for the NBA to drop the hammer on Cavaliers forward JR Smith, as the league announced Monday that Smith would receive a two-game suspension for the MMA-style punch he unloaded on the Celtics’ Jae Crowder, which caused an awkward fall and left knee sprain.
Considering that “experts” like Charles Barkley were calling for Smith to receive a 10-game suspension (citing Smith’s prior history), two games really isn’t that bad. However, Clippers enforcer Matt Barnes, known for his ruffian style of play at times, could not believe Smith’s suspension.
Barnes compared Smith’s punishment to one of his prior infractions, and let’s just say, we can always count on him to keep it real:

For those who would argue Barnes has extensive history on the court, he has a retort for that too:

Over/under a $20,000 fine for Barnes on Tuesday?

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