57 Year Old Pretends He's A Cop To Get Into Mavs-Rockets Game

Are you 57? Have you ever been stuck in a predicament where you want to see a playoff game, but you don’t have tickets? Ever tried to use a fake police badge to get into a Mavs-Rockets game? James Thomas Pierce did this week.
From ABC-13:

James Thomas Pierce, 57, is charged with impersonating a public servant. According to police, he showed a badge to a security guard and said he was an officer who had been outside to take a phone call.
The security guard called a uniformed officer. Pierce later reportedly admitted he wasn’t an officer.

You know this wasn’t Jim’s first rodeo. He’s probably been using the act without incident for years and it finally caught up to him. Someone out there knows Jim. Tell me how many times he’s pulled this ruse. I want to know all the events he’s seen with the old badge trick. Think about using this back in the 80s. He must’ve seen so many great Hakeem moments.
I’ve only snuck into one game — Alabama-Ole Miss last fall with my dad via a $20 handshake with the gate girl — but this is something I would’ve tried back in the late 1980s and early 1990s. Nowdays they probably throw you in the can for a few months for pulling this.
Let me know Jim’s story. Or send Jim’s email and I’ll get in touch with him.
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