Sens & Habs Fans Were Pretty Civil Last Night During Game 4

The Senators and Habs first round series has gone about how you’d figure it would go off the ice between the fans. There have been fights. There was a guy who went into cardiac arrest. There have been fans taken out of arenas in handcuffs.

Last night, Game 4 wasn’t too bad, according to Ottawa police.

OPS brought this guy to the ground after a fight with some Montreal fans.

— Jacquie Surges (@jacquiesurges) April 23, 2015


This is from some point during the fight.

— Jacquie Surges (@jacquiesurges) April 23, 2015


Officers said afterwards there was nothing much to comment on – tonight’s game actually had very few “ejections.”

— Jacquie Surges (@jacquiesurges) April 23, 2015

From Game 3:

Earlier in the series: