Obama’s Deflategate Joke Falls Flat With Hoodie

This photo of Belichick after Obama made the Deflategate joke is the best. http://t.co/jIp54gB2aU pic.twitter.com/BhuHzyuzyj

— Laken Litman (@LakenLitman) April 23, 2015

Need more proof that the real world leader today at the White House was Bill Belichick? Name another world leader who would openly kick the shit out of Obama after a classless joke about Deflategate. You can’t. 

Now let’s play: “See how long it takes for Gronkowski to get in trouble for saying Obama was ‘wasted.'” http://t.co/DVgRitFJb4 — NowThis (@nowthisnews) April 23, 2015

Bonus points to Gronk for answering questions about drinking at the White House. All in all, it was a good day at the White House for Hoodie and his team. 

Kiss ’em

.@Patriots Coach Bill Belichick brings the hardware, owner Robert Kraft the comfy shoes to White House. pic.twitter.com/s7QDSegSt3 — James Robert Carroll (@JRCarrollNews) April 23, 2015


@RobGronkowski pls text pic.twitter.com/ELiYIceitE

— Jake Radack (@radjake5) April 23, 2015

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