Hottest WAGs of the 2015 NBA Playoffs: Western Conference

1. Kari Klinkenborg - Blake Griffin

3…2…1… Time is up!

The NBA Playoffs are underway and the time to put up or shut up is now. There is no chance tomorrow. If you have a bad game, chances are your team loses and now has to come back from a game down or more.

Luckily for the fans, eight teams from each of the two conferences make the playoffs. That is 50% of the teams on each side having a shot at the NBA Finals. So just when you think the season is over, your team might have done just enough to make it as an eighth seed.

Meanwhile, in the stands, are the ladies. A lot of these NBA stars have the hottest of women standing by their sides, also known as WAGs. These WAGs are so mega super hot that the words seem to miss us and we end up sounding like a kid in an elementary school spelling bee.

Enough with the words, all we hear are words. Let’s just jump head first into the list of the Hottest WAGs of the NBA Playoffs for 2015. Enjoy.