Brittney Griner & Fiancee Arrested; Shop Their Wedding Registry

Brittney Griner and her fellow WNBA player/fiancee Glory Johnson were arrested last night in Phoenix for domestic violence, otherwise known as a lovers fight. Both were taken to jail and Griner’s mugshot is currently running away with the Maricopa Sheriff Department’s Mugshot of the Day contest  — vote here.
When I hear the word fiancee being thrown around in this story, my first instinct is to start looking for a wedding registry. And there it is. These two lovebirds are scheduled to get married May 8 in Tulsa, Oklahoma, where Johnson plays for the Shock.
And there are knives on the registry. A good knife set. Like a $200 Calphalon knife set. That seems to be the only dangerous item — besides wine glasses they could throw at each other — that I could buy. Here’s where things get tricky.
Does the couple put off the wedding? Does the relationship end? Does Griner, the husband here, get some jail time and the wedding is called off all together until they can patch things up like normal couples? This is why I can’t pull the trigger right now on a wedding gift. There are too many unknowns. I can’t just drop $30 like normal and hope these two work it out. They fought enough to go to jail so they’re unpredictable right now. I’m in the wedding gift game for the thank you card memorabilia. They could go to war over the gifts and one thing leads to another and I never get a thank you from Griner.
I’m going to sit this one out until the two can straighten out the differences. There’s not much more time to get ready for the wedding and the season. The WNBA starts on June 5.

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