Sean Payton Took His Girlfriend Skylene Montgomery To The ACM Awards

It’s now clear that Sunday night’s ACM Awards show was a good time for Troy Aikman and Sean Payton to take their girlfriends out for a night of fun. We already discussed how Aikman officially revealed his girlfriend to the media.
Now comes Payton and Skylene Montgomery, who is also known for being Miss West Virginia USA 2008. That’s her with the big hair.

It’s good to see both of these guys doing well with younger women who just happen to be in great shape. It’s also good to see them take the ladies to a public event. Look, if you’re going to get a divorce and date up from the ex-wife, you need to bring out the new hot chick more often. You get her on the red carpet. Get her into People magazine. Make her feel special here and there for being the woman you latched onto after divorcing the woman who got a bunch of your money.
Payton has done a pretty good job, but the Internet still has no idea about Skylene. She deserves more publicity, especially for that party hair.
Be proud, boys.

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