Warren Sapp Prostitution Arrest Confession: "Put $600 On Table, Everybody Got Naked"

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Annnnnnd…this video will likely end any hope for Warren Sapp’s return to television. You already knew that Warren was arrested the morning after the Super Bowl for hiring two hotel bar hookers. Now we hear — in Warren’s own words — how it went down in a Scottsdale hotel room that morning.
I must say, it’s quite interesting to hear a female investigator use “blow job” in a sentence while talking to Warren.
“The blow job was performed with a condom,” she asked.
We also learned in this tape that Warren likes to take photos of the action. He’s pretty much confessing to being an amateur pornographer. That should be added to his Wikipedia page.
Let’s not forget that Sapp had his hot girlfriend with him for several days during Super Bowl week. Either she’s real boring and he needs to dump her ass or he just can’t get enough of hotel bar hookers. There seems to be an issue here.

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