More Thick Selena Gomez, Ladies Licking Devin Booker’s Car & Cubs Fans Foul Ball Beer Pong

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It’s Boston Marathon day, which means the Orioles and Red Sox first pitch is at 11 a.m. Tired of the NBA and NHL playoffs? Too bad. You get a doubleheader tonight on TNT and hockey action on CNBC and NBCSN. Remember you still have like seven weeks of this stuff so pace yourself. Don’t try to stay up all week until 1 a.m. EST just to say you saw Steph Curry drop 35 on the Pelicans. This is a marathon.


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Ladies Licking Devin Booker’s Car!

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Heat mascot sued for battery – seriously

NFL logos as butts … is pretty fun

Cubs fans playing foul ball beer pong

Meet Hagan from Texas A&M

Bryce Harper’s Beautiful Hair Being Beautiful Vine of the Year (so far)

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