Raptors GM Masai Ujiri Getting The Toronto Crowd Hype By Talking A Little Trash To Paul Pierce

Yesterday, before their series with the Raptors, Wizard Paul Pierce called out the Raptors and said this:

Today, before the game, Raptors GM responded by saying this:
Shots fired! I love it. That’s a GM talking up there. Coolest GM in the NBA, if you ask me. Last year Masai dropped a nice hard F-bomb before the Raptors series against Brooklyn and immediately got fined.


Obviously, he gives zero shits about getting fined. He’s all about getting the crowd fired up. I wish all GM’s did this. He’s just completely ignoring the PC police on Twitter all for the sake of getting a great crowd in his arena.
His comments led to this to start the game. Awesome.

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