People Are Digging Up Old Britt McHenry Tweets Showing Her Being Mean To Someone On Twitter

We all know what happened on Thursday with Britt McHenry, and if you don’t, you can get all of the details here. Now, after being suspended for a week, people still want more dirt and are going through her old tweets which seem to show her being mean to another person, but on the internet this time.

Last month, Sarah Sparkman, an Arkansas-based attorney, was having a conversation on Twitter about the sexualization of women in sports broadcasting. Sparkman, who majored in journalism in college, took issue with female journalists being branded more as sexual objects than for their talents.
Following an exchange between Sparkman and some of her followers, one person mentioned McHenry’s name. The person didn’t utilize McHenry’s Twitter handle (@BrittMcHenry) — so it didn’t pop up in her mentions feed — but the ESPN reporter apparently found it and jumped into the conversation.
McHenry wrote that Sparkman was “more of a hater than the men themselves” and insinuated she wasn’t pretty. Sparkman blogged about the experience here. Sparkman talked about women being beautiful and intelligent; McHenry replied “I believe it’s the ppl who don’t have 1 trait or the other who try to demean others.”

I thought after the one week suspension was announced this would all be over. I was hoping we could move on from this story. But nope, we have people digging up some of Britt’s old tweets from a month ago to keep this whole thing in the news.
Okay, so it looks like Britt McHenry has a pretty stuck up personality and loves to make sure everyone knows that she’s pretty and intelligent. She’s a serial meanie, if you will. Who cares? I don’t really think pulling out old tweets is fair, to be honest. She gets way worse things said to her than that on a daily basis on Twitter, than the things she said here. The tow company thing? Sure, that was pretty over the top, but bringing these tweets to light isn’t anything more than just trying to keep this story in the news.
Oh, and maybe people will stop hating her if she does a few anti-bullying speeches. Seems like that’s always the go to move when you’re publicly shamed. Go talk to a few kids.


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