Houston Hooters Girl Contest Featured Sports Costumes



Hooters Houston threw one of the greatest Hooters Girl pageants I’ve ever seen last night…because there were so many sports-themed costumes during that portion of the contest. I’ve been saying it for years that Hooters has to find a new angle besides the stagnant bikini and evening gown segments. Now I’m convinced more than ever that Hooters Girls competitions should have a sports costume requirement.

From Houston-based photographer Scott Byrne who snapped these great shots:

The top finishers will join the Dallas and San Antonio winners at Bayou Center in Downtown Houston  May 14. The Winner from that contest will be the Texas Representative at the Hooter finals in Las Vegas in June.

You actually had a Hooters Girl in a James Harden beard. That’s fun stuff. There was even a Hooters Girl in an Astros costume.

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