Jerry Jones, 72, Still Drinks Fish Bowls

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Things are starting to heat up for Jerry Jones. You might’ve noticed how quiet he’s been on the social scene. We noticed. Ever since those bathroom photos with the strippers surfaced, Jerry has done a good job of laying low. He hasn’t been photographed grabbing boobs. He hasn’t been alone with women in a bathroom. Nothing.
Jer is, however, letting you know with this fish bowl draft beer pic that things are about to get fun again. It’s about time. We miss the old times when Jer would roll into a random Bar Louie by himself and own the place.
The guy is 72 and still working on fish bowls. That’s about the age when most old timers start going for the 12 oz. beers at the VFW. Not the owner of the Dallas Cowboys. I also see that fried food (fish sticks?) to go with the draft. Throwing up deuces.
Jer is officially back on the BC radar. He’ll immediately go into our rotation.

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